Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Portrait of Hillary Rodham Gray

The more evil Hillary commits, the worse Helen Thomas looks. (warning: not for the squeamish)

hat tip: The Political Teen

Monday, October 31, 2005

A tale of two SCOTUS nominees

Been a while since i've posted anything, but I was interested in the withdrawal of Harriett Miers and the nomination of Samuel Alito, from the perspective of Senator Harry Reid.

Bush nominates Miers, a name specifically and loudly endorsed by Reid. Miers has many admirable qualities and an impressive resume...just not for the Supreme Court. The nomination is an utter disaster with the President's base and grows increasingly untenable by the moment (in our instant-feedback culture).

Today Bush nominates Alito, a judge deemed by some to be even more impressive than Chief Justice Roberts - a lengthy career as a circuit court judge, several 100-0 confirmations in the Senate, a career as a prosecutor and solicitor. The President's base cheers the choice as one they would willingly go to war over.

Harry Reid is irked because he didn't suggest Alito - in fact, warned the president against Alito.

Frankly, after seeing what Reid's gold-star recommendation of Miers got Bush, the opportunity to say "I got yer list right here, Spunky" has to feel very, very good.

Cry havoc. Happy Halloween.

And, Senator Reid? Boo.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

TAPPED on NRO on Byrd on Condi...

TAPPED takes Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review Online to task for mentioning Sen. Robert Byrd's efforts to delay the confirmation vote of Condleeza Rice. They call it a variation on the "conservo-race card".

One semi-obvious point. If you can't tweak a former GRAND SWIZZLE-STICK OF THE KU KLUX KRUNKIN' KLAN over a point of racial politics, who CAN you?

There is much good to say about Robert Byrd, but sometimes, taking the cheap shot is a moral imperative. The other side rarely misses the chance to bytch-slap Trent Lott or Strom Thurmond. It's only fair.