Thursday, November 18, 2004

Scenes from the Clinton Liebrary

The New York Daily News reports that Bill Clinton's new presidential library and grill attempts to spin his impeachment as a defense of the constitution. Clinton insists he never lied to the American people 'about my job', and defies anyone to find an instance 'where I ever let the American people down."

Hoo boy, where to begin.

On second thought, why even bother. Bill is sooooo September 10th. Let him have his library, his books, his gazillion dollar speaking tours. Whatever I think about the guy, many people still like him, and nothing I can say is likely to make a difference. And if you haven't formed an opinion of Bill Clinton yet, you're probably doing so out of a genuine desire to stay out of it. And if you can, good on ya.

I'll only say this. History will not be kind to the Clinton years.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Why Kerry Lost

TNR's Martin Peretz has a piece in today's that unsparingly reviews the 2004 election. As a partisan Republican it's no surprised I'm glad my guy won, but on a more objective level...the more I read about Kerry, the more convinced I am that we dodged a bullet by keeping him out of the big chair.

This has nothing to do with politics and ideology, and everything to do with character. I have many friends who have few kind words for President Bush, and others who don't want to be bothered with the rough and tumble of politics, but they pulled the lever for Bush this year because Kerry just made them shudder.

Not from anything they heard or read about him, but from watching him campaign, or debate. They couldn't explain the visceral loathing they felt for the guy.

As a political junkie, I suspect I could. But why bother?