Saturday, January 06, 2007

Moving to WordPress

I'm moving Rant, Monkey! to a new host, because, you know, the traffic here is overwhelming. We're moving on up, to the West Side...

I'll keep this one, but won't be updating it. At some point the "" domain will point you to the new location, but I'll keep "new" and "old" links up so you, my teeming legions of readers, will not get lost in the tubes and end up someplace like here.

Blogspot been berry berry good to me. But I run another half dozen sites on wordpress, so I figure if I'm going to have a semi-active blog, I might as well bring it under the big tent.

So...happy new year. check out the new digs here. It's still a bit sparse, but it's functional. Sign up, comment, and if you can't, please let me know.


joeschmo1of3 said...


What happened to reviewboy? I end up at some Chicago photog's site.

Sulla said...

it got caught in a weird DNS anomaly over the weekend. didn't affect all my sites even with the same web host, but it didn't clear up until Monday.